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OMG, I just noticed, Twilight vs. Harry Potter Part one… has already 100 favourites! O.o

If I would have known how many people would like, fave and comment on these little strips, I might not have put them on here in the same way xD I want to thank you all for your nice feedback! xD It still makes me giggle when I come on here and there are new faves and comments :*
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I have been featured for the first time on DA!

Here is the link to the news of :iconchibiwolf1: :…

Thank you again so much!





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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 5, 2008, 4:33 AM
In the forum, I asked people to show me their favorite deviations, then I would chose one person and feature his gallery. And the next winner is: :iconsarahjphotography: ! The topic:…

People I already featured:
:iconburyxmexinxblack:…:… :iconglowingkitten:…

Hey folks, you know the way it works, I'll look through her folders and pick my favourites!


My picks:
Niagara Falls by SarahJPhotography

On the first one, I like the detail of the photograph. You don't see many pictures that are made in this perspective, I don't now I like the picture, the colours, the blurry sides of the picture...

The second one is just impressiv, but I do think that it is mostly because the niagara falls are impressive ;) Still, great capture!


My picks:
Munch Munch by SarahJPhotography

So, what shall I say to the first one? This is just a great, great capture! On this picture you see exactly what is necessary to see, if you want to be intrudged into something. When I looked at this picture there was only me and the squirrel. Also the colours are great, as the orange reflects the green of the background in a perfect way.

As to the cat, I jest love the perspective! It's a great idea and she did it very well, the picture is sharp and he cat is just simply beautiful!


My picks:
At The Waters Edge Polaroid by SarahJPhotography

I won't say much to these pictures, as I find it kind of hard to comment on polaroids like this, as they are very small and you don't have a Full View ;)

Anyway, I really like the compositions you made with thee pictures, especially the first one catches my eye. The colour work is once again just amazing!

I'll skip the folder "favorites", as for I think most of the pictures will also be in the other folders...


My pick:

This picture just looks like made in a miniature world. It just doesn't look real, somehow, but I appreciate very much! It's a great capture, she has the talent to find the perfect spot for her photographs, :thumbsup: !

Old Webcam pictures

My picks:

I won't say much to them, beacuse no doubt, the quality of these pictures is minor than her other pictures ;) Nevertheless there are great concepts there, so I think they are still worth sharing :)


My picks:
Lily by SarahJPhotography

Wonderful colours, perfect balance between blurry and not blurry, amazing detail in one word: awesome! I really like this works! Thank you for sharing!


My picks:
Bubble by SarahJPhotography Frozen by SarahJPhotography

The colours of the first one are relaly cool, also the detail of all the sparkles and so. Only thing is, that it's cut off at the bottom and with that black line it breaks some of the magic the picture has.

The bubble picture somehow made me simle, I like it, for whatever reason :)

The murder. This is a very impressive and inspiring picture. And a nice idea.

And the frozen picture is just cool ;) Although it makes me freeze too!^^ Colours are once again more than beautiful! Thank you!

Okay, so this will be all for now then, I still have more work to do ;)

Thank you for reading!

If you want to be featured, send me a note with three thumbs of your favorite deviations, maybe you'll be next...

PS: I apologise for my english... ;)
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I will feature buryxmexinxblack's gallery

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 2, 2008, 10:51 AM
In the forum, I asked people to show me their favorite deviations, then I would chose one person and feature his gallery. And the next winner is: :iconburyxmexinxblack: and a small feature will go to :iconmelorix:! The topic:…

People I already featured:

Okay, so here again I'll just start with looking through her different folders and pick my favourites...


My picks:
Like magic. by buryxmexinxblack stab my heart by buryxmexinxblack sorrow by buryxmexinxblack Paint the sky. . by buryxmexinxblack The dead apple. by buryxmexinxblack

She's got a great talent with the "mise en scene", like the french would say. The arrangements are so impressive!

On the first picture it were of course the colours that insprired me. It looks like some kind of magic spell, cast at night. On the other hand, It could be a drawing with all those fine lines that twirl around the bolt.

The second one is based on a cool idea, though it's through that you might not recognise the heart thats carved in the citron at once. The colour-combination is in any case very good! Also, you can really imagine how sour the citron must have felt when it's heart has been pierced...

When I look at the third picture, I somehow always have to think at snowwhite. White like snow, red like blood etc. Yeah, this picture represents "Snowhite" for me, don't ask me why. Anway, it's very cool!

I do adore you for all your great, great ideas. As shows again the sky-picture. How very cool. Only thing is, when full viewing, you see that it's not the actual sunlight thats lighting upon the hand.

The fourth picture will well be one of the main reasons why I choosed to feature her. There are no words to describe this picture, if not: very well done and thank you for sharing!

I'll skip the "Signature Banners" and the "Wallpapers" folders as for it's hard to comment on this kind of work.


My picks:
Sorrow. by buryxmexinxblack The lonely tree II by buryxmexinxblack The lonely tree with balloons. by buryxmexinxblack

First thing, although her beautiful photomanipulations, I do prefer her Photos.

Nevertheless, I still like them very much. On the first one you can easily see that it's a photomanipulation, a collage. But on the other hand, somehow it's giving a bit an atmosphere of "handmade" like in times when nobody had somthing like "photoshop" or a "computer", when everybody still used scissors and cutted the pictures out of olf magazines. Concerning the content of the picture, I think it's much up to each individual to decide what message this deviation gives.

The second one is one of these artworks, where you think you live one century earlier. The texture is very interesting, especially regarding all these scratches. Only thing I noticed: the tree seems not to be actually "growing" there.

Super colours! But the ballons are a bit to big in comparision with the tree ;) Anyway, I really like this deviation!

So, I think I passed through her gallery, it was a great pleasure to feature you and please continue sharing deviations!

On now to my small feature on melorix!

Firstly: Why did I choose to make only a "small" review on him?
Mainly because his pictures all tell a story for their own, you cannot explain what you see, I think everybody gets a very different expression of them if he looks at them. So let yourself be inspired by his works, I'll just pick out my favourites and then let you have the pleasure to explore them.

Mr. Papereyes by melorix Fred at l'Estartit, Spain by melorix Portugal - 09 by melorix Dilemma by melorix Close the door before you go by melorix Mirror me by melorix :thumb72856924: YOU're not a machine by melorix Green or red paint ...? by melorix hands by melorix

Thank you for reading!

If you want to be featured, send me a note with three thumbs of your favorite deviations, maybe you'll be next...

PS: I apologise for my english... ;)
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I will feature your gallery!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 1, 2008, 12:05 PM
In the forum, I asked people to show me their favorite deviations, then I would chose one person and feature his gallery. And the winner is: :iconglowingkitten: ! The topic:…

So, where to start...

When you go on her profile, there is a beautiful picture of a grey kitten looking up to you. Suits the name.

Her gallery is parted in different folders, so I will pick my favourites of every folder and write something about it.


My picks:
:thumb55295912: :thumb69162725:
Well, on the first one, you can see a very baby kitten ;) And, I know from experience that it is sometimes hard to get them captured at that age! The kitten looks directly in the camera, it nearly scares me, and also, you completely forget that this kitten is not bigger than my camera. On this picture it could as well be as big as a german shepard dog.

I like the other two pictures because they are very different, even if it's the same cat (or at least two very similiar ones ;)), the same day, the same light etc. On the first one you can see cat, thats mature, it reminds me a "Lion King" whit the elegance that only cats can possede. The other picture on the other hand shows a "Kitten", a teenager with playful eyes.

Peacock feathers

My picks:
:thumb59711590: :thumb58604045:

I picked them mainly all for the same reasons:The water drops reflect perfectly the beauty of peacock feathers. It gives the whole thing some sort of "precious" feeling, which I appreciate. Also, the detail is very good selectioned.


My picks:
:thumb65213567: :thumb65359637: :thumb45969810:

The first is defenitely my favourite! Already the colouring of the cat is so impressive, and then, sitting before that brick wall, where her colours line up neatly with the background - it's a great pleasure to explore this deviation!

The second one is also very interesting, regarding the detail of the picture. I also like the way you feel, that the cat is really stretching in that precise moment.

The third one is just a humourus shot which I appreciate a lot, I can't say more to this one than: well done!

Flower Drops

My picks:
:thumb54058009: :thumb54116303: :thumb56393279: :thumb56668498: :thumb58160078: :thumb59770178:

As you may see, I liked most of the pictures in this folder ;) Honestly, I adore her for beeing able to make such wonderful deviations. This is, I think my favourite section in her gallery. The drops sometimes don't even look like just drops, they rather look like glass beads or some sort of polished gemstone. In any case, the colours are match just perfect to the flowers, especially the different combinations are very creative.

Flowers and Plants

My pick:

Although most of the pictures in this section are very beautifully, this one inspired me most, and I think thats mostyl due to the wonderful colours. It looks very majestic, like made in some sort of palace in arabia or egypt... :)

Guinea Pig

My pick:

Cats and Guinea Pigs - for what more can you ask?! As I really love this little creatures, I appreciated this picture very much! There is no more to say, I think.

Feather Drops

My pick:

For all the reasons why I liked the flower drops that much, I appreciate this one as much as them! Once again: well done!


My pick:

This was actually the reason why I chosed you as "featuree". I can't really tell why, but this pictures inspires me very much, the colours are interesting, the details, everthing... On one hand this picture has a big beauty, on the other one, the drops could as well be some sort of illness ;) Anyway you put it, this pictures is simply awesome!

So I finally reached the end of my first "Gallery feature", hope to see you soon, when I will do my next feature ;)

If you want to be featured, send me a note with three humbs of your favorite deviations, maybe you'll be next...

PS: I apologise for my english... ;)
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I've got a subscription now...

Mon Dec 31, 2007, 3:27 AM
This is feeling funny.

How do I make here the CSS? I'll have to test it once. Woah, it works! I'll just have to think of some fancy colors now... I haven't yet found a beautiful combination, but... At least I know how it works^^

Anyway, I'd like to feature some people now, as that was the reason why I bought the subscription :)

So, here we go:

In drawings/paintings:
Simba and Nala as Guinea Pig by ElanortheFair Petit delire... by Citron--Vert Clathrus Ruber Nymph by Dianae Tickle Me Emo by talkingmongoose :thumb73060421:

In Photography:
:thumb63908668: :thumb69430626: pink egg by bas7a Coocaborra by muetze87

More will follow!

Then, I just started joining clubs, so here now the clubs I'm in:
:iconcolorfulartclub: :iconnaturephotographer:

But I'm interested in more, so if anybody nows some good clubs, I'd be happy if he could invite me ;)

Mybe next time in my journal I'll really feature some friends... But who knows...

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